This section is for employees and volunteers who are new to their organisation, ideally in their first week. If you are a supervisor wanting to learn more about the induction of new staff and volunteers head over to the Orientation page in the Staff and Volunteers section.

The following three topics are designed to give you a very basic level of understanding of child protection, work health and safety (WHS), and privacy and confidentiality. Work through each section and take note of anything that you do not understand or that you have questions about. 

Each topic includes the following parts (we recommend that you work through each):

    • A slideshow or help sheet with information in relation to each topic.
    • A handout that corresponds with the slideshow or brochure.
    • Induction check questions, which consist of questions about that topic. Your supervisor may want you to complete this sheet to show that you have completed the learning session.

There is a fourth section in relation to coaching. This section only needs to be completed if it is necessary for your role, confirm this with your supervisor before completion. It is important that you ask questions of your supervisor regarding anything that you are unsure about or that does not make sense to you.


The Beginning Coaching online course has been developed by the Australian Sports Commission to help coaches learn the basic skills of coaching, it is especially aimed at people coaching children. Click on the following link and complete the course – www.ausport.gov.au/participating/coachofficial